How does a freight forwarder deal with a cargo being inspected by customs?

Why does Customs inspect? What do they check?

Customs inspection is an important means of customs supervision, customs declaration is just a procedure, customs will randomly check and control some sensitive products according to their own experience and the policy at that time, sometimes it will clearly point out which information to check in the control instruction. During the inspection, the box will be opened to check whether the information is consistent with the customs declaration, such as the name, quantity, weight, declared value and so on, to confirm whether there is tax fraud, evasion of commodity inspection, HS code classification is incorrect.

About the cost of inspection

There is a big misunderstanding here. The cost of customs inspection refers to the cost incurred by customs inspection, not the cost of inspection charged by customs. During the customs inspection, customs will not charge a penny, but the cargo owner and the agent must move the goods to the customs designated inspection site and unpack them according to the customs requirements, in the process of using the resources of the terminal and the costs arising from labour to be borne by the customer. Some of them are paid in cash on the spot and the department will issue an invoice stating the cost of the goods, while others are settled monthly without a separate invoice. Therefore, the freight forwarder or customs broker cannot show the customer the invoice issued by the specific charging department for the inspection costs, but only a list of the various costs. If the customer does not believe the costs stated by the freight forwarder or customs broker, he can check the rates with the specific charging department concerned.

What is the difference between LCL and full container

Some shippers do not understand why they are charged so much for inspection when the value of my shipment is only a few hundred US dollars and less than 1 cubic metre.To be honest, the inspection does not depend on the value of the goods, sometimes the LCL is a large container and sometimes a small container, the specific cost refers to the full container, so sometimes the LCL is only a few cubic meters but the inspection fee is more expensive than the full container. If you would like to handle cargo, you may refer to cargo handling equipment in Kemaman

How to check the container by customs

Usually customs officers will start from the leftmost or the last side of the container, half of the container is half emptying, the bottom of the container is full emptying; according to the products declared in the customs declaration one by one; single name is better to check; if the name of many goods is very mixed, customs can not find the name, the owner needs to provide the product box location and box mark information or ask the owner to provide a detailed packing list. If none of the above information can be provided, the whole container needs to be emptied for inspection, which is very expensive.

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