operable wall system malaysia

Advantages of Smart Homes

With the wide application of electronic technology in real life, people increasingly feel the various conveniences brought by electronic products to life, especially in the 1980s, the emergence of smart homes provides a broad platform for people to enjoy life.

Smart home, or smart house, is a residential platform with construction equipment, network communication, information appliances and equipment automation, which integrates system, structure, service and management into an efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly living environment.

Smart homes not only provide a full range of information exchange functions, but also optimize people’s lifestyle and living environment, help people to effectively arrange time, save all kinds of energy, to achieve home appliance control, lighting control, indoor and outdoor remote control, curtain automatic control, anti-theft alarm, computer control, timing control and telephone remote control and other functions.

operable wall system malaysia

The advantages of smart home lie in the following aspects:


  • Lighting, appliances, and curtains can be controlled from any location in the home. For example, when you get home, you can turn on the lights or air conditioning of your room in your car.


  • When someone breaks in, the smart home will start the security alarm device, the body detector will detect the intruder’s location, and automatically dial the phone to the user. It is a timely alarm, to avoid losses.


  • When you are out of town on business, you can see the situation at home through mobile phone and computer, and you can control the home appliances using the devices.


  • Can adjust the light in the home arbitrarily. You only need to gently touch, and you can achieve dreamy scene changes. For example, when you are lying in bed at night and ready to sleep, then you find that the living room lights are not turned off, you do not need to go to the living room to turn off the lights, but just press the controller on the corresponding light off button, then the living room lights will automatically off.


  • Functions can be programmed into the scene, such as the “home scene”, just click a button, automatically complete a series of operations, such as turning on the lights, opening the window, turning on the TV and so on. Scene editing is completely done by the user himself or herself, anytime and anywhere to achieve intelligence.

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  • Home automation, remote control of lighting, home appliances, safety equipment, environmental monitoring, health products, emergency assistance, etc., can be achieved through mobile phones, tablet computers and other terminal control equipment. You can also control all the lights and appliances with a remote control.

Smart homes are now no longer only luxuriant clothes, but also have a lot of practical functions, and are a good helper of your home life. Few people in Malaysia would choose to install a smart home system for their entire home, due to the large economic burden and few product options. However, the operable wall system in Malaysia is one of the smart home systems, but not many of them are used in homes, mostly in offices or storefronts.

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