Frequently Asked Questions

1. About WOOP

Q: What does WOOP mean?

A: WOOP stands for ‘WOmen of OPinion’. That is, women who have an opinion and like to share it with brands, companies, friends and colleagues.

Q: Who can become a WOOP member?

A: Anybody above the age of 16, living in Malaysia can become a member. Although WOOP stands for Women of Opinion, even guys can join if they wish to .

Q: How does WOOP work? What do I need to do as a WOOP member?

A: It’s very, very simple.

  • You get invited to campaigns to try new products and services for free, or at a discount.
  • You share your honest opinion about them via fun tasks we call “missions”.
  • You get points for doing missions.
  • You redeem your points for rewards.

In short, try new products and share your honest opinion with friends and with the companies who make these products, and get rewarded for it. Cool, isn’t it?!

Q: What are Missions?

A: Missions are simple and fun activities. There are 2 types of missions; “Daily Missions” and “Big Missions”.

“Daily Missions” are very easy and take less than 2-3 minutes to do. Typically they are simple surveys seeking your opinions. Points are rewarded immediately after your response.

“Big Missions” require you to do a little bit more but you get more points also. Big missions would be activities like writing a review, nominating a friend for a sample or sending us a video with your opinion on the product we gave you. Big missions points are rewarded after the WOOP team has seen and assessed your response.

Q: Will I keep getting new missions all the time?

A: Missions are created as part of a campaign. A campaign usually lasts 6-8 weeks. So if you have been selected for a campaign you will get regular missions for this duration.

Q: Do I need to do all missions?

A: There is no pressure to do all missions. However the more missions you do, the more things you will learn about the product which means you can get the most out of it and also help your friends with smart tips. And of course, the more missions you do more points you earn.

2. Your Points and Rewards

Q: Do I get points only if I give positive opinion about the products?

A: We reward WOOPers for sharing their honest opinions regardless; good or bad. So whether you love the product you try through WOOP or think it can be improved further, as long as you’re sharing your honest opinion and starting authentic conversations, you will get the points.

Q: What can I do with the points I earn for missions?

A: Points can be redeemed for rewards like other free products to try or coupons for products and services. It is a small way for us to say thank you!

Q: How do I know which rewards are available?

A: You can see the rewards available on the “My Rewards” page. The quantity of rewards and number of points required for each reward is also mentioned against it.

Q: How do I keep track of my points?

A: Log in and click on “Points history” tab under your username. You can see a record of all the points you have earned and redeemed. Just like the transaction history of a bank account .

3. Your Account and Password

Q: What to do if I forget my password?

A: If you forgot your password, please go to the home page (woop.com.my) and click on the “Forgot password?” link. You will be able to reset your password via your registered email account.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Login and click the “Edit Profile” button on the top left corner and change your password in the form.

Q: How do I sign in, if I created an account via Facebook?

A: If you sign up via Facebook, you can only log in to your account by clicking the “Connect with Facebook” button.

Q: How can I change my password if I created my account via my Facebook?

A: Your account password is linked to your Facebook account password. Any changes on Facebook password will be automatically updated on WOOP.

4. Very Important Stuff

Q: What do you do with the information I provide to you?

A: All personal data is kept strictly confidential. We will never SPAM you or share your information with anyone.

Q: Why do you need my address and mobile phone number?

A: Do appreciate that we need your full postal address to send you the free products to try. We ask for your mobile number because courier companies need the mobile number of the recipient.

Q: How much do I pay to join WOOP?

A: NIL. NADA. ZERO. NOTHING. TIADA. All good things in life should be free to enjoy and so is WOOP. Yes, you get to try products for free, and on top you get rewards. You heard it right! We are a bit crazy .