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Renting: Before You Sign Your Lease

A lease, as many of you are aware, is a legal document; one that is binding and can be brought before the law if you do not abide by it. Being a student is already hard enough without considering the extra steps involved in obtaining your freedom. A lease is significant and should be one of the documents to guard along with your passport and birth certificate. It will act as a guide to the law on renting spaces and what your landlord expects from you, the tenant. A few things must be taken into account before you sign your agreement. Double check some of these points on your lease for clarity.

1.     The Duration

Renting duration is dependent on you– the tenant– and how long you want to stay at your apartment for. It could be for a month, six months or a whole year. Double check your move-in date and move-out dates and arrange accordingly. You can request your landlord or agent to move in a few days earlier than the stipulated date if you have a lot of personal items on you. Make sure you ask if this is possible beforehand, so that you have a place to store your things as you move out of your previous place. For many landlords, they allow you to stretch your duration if you need to stay longer. Make sure you inform your agent or landlord before the end of your lease if you want to prolong your stay. Kayu Ara provides many renting opportunities for young people and it is a good place to begin your journey into adulthood. 

Kayu Ara
A young couple shaking their financial advisor’s hand upon signing the lease agreement

2.     The Date Of Rental Payment

Rent is another important note. If anything, it is the most important. Does your lease have a time leeway for you if you are not able to get your rent in by the first of the month? Check this, and also consult your agent or landlord. Sometimes funds may not be readily available and wiggle room can make the difference between having a roof over your head and being homeless. You should also ensure that, before any spending, you have rent money set aside for the month, especially during the first few months, as this establishes the kind of tenant you are to your landlord. Be the kind that pays rent on time consistently, and if you fail on a certain month, they may show leniency. 

3.     Amenities

Kayu Ara has access to quality electricity and water supply. Similarly, in you rented area, seek out whether your amenities are covered in your rent or if they are separate charges. This may help you manage your finances better. See which ones are included and which ones are not and ensure that you are careful with your water and electricity usage. Save as much as you can on either one.

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