steel structure fabrication in Malaysia

What Do Steel Fabricators Do?

Steel is a multifunctional and exceedingly durable metallic alloy made up of iron, carbon, and minor amounts of phosphorus, silicon, oxygen, and manganese. Steel’s hardness and durability are attributed to carbon, which acts as a hardening agent. However, just 2% carbon should be combined with iron, as additional carbon would make steel brittle.

Steel is quite important in your life and has a significant impact on us. Machines, tools, products, and structures are all around you. Steel frames your home and business buildings, steel bridges you cross, and steel body all electrical appliances, not to mention stainless cutlery you use every day. 

It’s Uses

Steel is utilized in a variety of machines and tools, ranging from massive machinery used in industries to smaller garden tools. Military weapons, power line towers, and pipelines are all made of steel. Steel structures and components pervade every aspect of your life, so you can’t get away from them.

The steel industry is also the backbone of any industrialization process. Without a capable and robust iron and steel industry, it is impossible to develop and progress through industrialization. Steel has particular characteristics that make it so significant and beneficial in a variety of sectors. 

Steel has a number of properties. –

  • Extremely hard and tough, making it more durable than iron 
  • Resistant to rusting and other corrosive effects 
  • Resistant to deformities at high temperatures 
  • Structures can withstand far more wear and tear than any other metal 
  • Extremely malleable and elastic, making it ideal for smelting and welding a variety of structures

You mentioned how steel is used in a variety of sectors

What processes are used to make these steel structures and products? 

This is accomplished through the fabrication process. What is the definition of fabrication? Metal fabrication is an industrial term. It refers to the procedures of cutting, bending, and joining metal in order to mold it into various items.

Steel fabricators manufacture pipes, sheets, and plates by fusing steel into various forms and then welding the various pieces together to form the final product. Fabrication machines, flame torches, or laser cutters, as well as various welding equipment, are used in their operations.

steel structure fabrication in Malaysia

Structural engineers create machine or steel structure designs, drawings, or blueprints. Steel fabricators manufacture these in the end. So, essentially, a steel fabricator’s job is to turn a blueprint into a usable finished product.

To construct structural frameworks, the first change the shape of raw materials with sophisticated equipment. They cut the raw materials to the required sizes. To create the finished steel structure or component, the various elements are welded together. The finished product is then sandblasted, primed, and painted before being delivered.


Other requirements include the ability to read and understand blueprints and welding symbols, as well as a basic understanding of blueprint reading, sketching, and welding metallurgy. Only a machine structure fabrication in Malaysia welding professional with the following qualities can claim to provide the greatest metal fabrication and welding services, such as structural metal arc welding, steel welding, and cutting, among other things.

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