When To Use A Sippy Cup 

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Sippy cups can be a great tool for transitioning your baby from a bottle or breastfeeding to drinking from a cup. Babies can start using them as early as 6 months, and sippy cups can help with the eventual transition away from bottles. After starting solids at around 6 months, offer your baby a few ounces of water, breast milk, or formula in a sippy cup. Give your baby a sippy cup only at meal or snack times, as drinking anything other than water throughout the day can cause tooth decay.

A sippy cup is a training cup with a screw-on or snap-on lid and a spout or straw to prevent spilling. There are models with and without handles, as well as various types of spouts. Sippy cups can be an excellent way to transition your baby from nursing or bottle-feeding to a regular cup. They can also help with hand-eye coordination. When your baby has the motor skills to hold a cup but isn’t quite old enough to keep the drink from spilling, a sippy cup can give them some independence while minimising cleanup.

When To Introduce A Sippy Cup

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When your baby is 6 months old and starting solid foods, you can give him or her a sippy cup. Being able to sit upright, having good neck control, and being interested in food are all signs that your baby is developmentally ready for a sippy cup.

Experts recommend that you transition your child from bottles to a sippy cup when he or she is one, and then quickly transition to a straw cup or open cup before your child’s second birthday. Tooth decay can occur when a liquid other than water pools around a child’s teeth for an extended period of time or on a regular basis.

If your breastfeeding baby does not use a bottle and appears to be ready for a sippy cup, you can skip the bottle and go straight to a sippy or even an open cup – there is no need for another transition.

How To Transition From Bottle to Cup

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When you’re ready, you can assist your toddler in making the transition from a bottle to a sippy, open, or straw cup. Here’s how to go about it:

  • The sooner you begin the transition, the easier it will be. The longer a baby drinks from a bottle, the more he or she will become attached to it as a source of security and comfort. If you introduce the sippy when your baby begins eating solids around 6 months, he or she may be ready to ditch the bottle by the age of a year.
  • Spill-proof sippy cups with soft spouts that your baby must suck on are similar to bottles and can assist with the transition. However, spill-proof sippy cups can be just as damaging to baby teeth as bottles, so use them sparingly when your baby first begins to use cups.
  • Begin by removing one bottle at a time. For example, instead of giving them a bottle in the morning, feed them breakfast in their highchair with some solid food and some breast milk or formula in a sippy. But keep the rest of the bottles the same for the rest of the day; that way, if they ask for a bottle, you can tell them they’ll get one later.

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