Three Reasons To Seek Out Pleasure

Pleasure is everyone’s right. You are allowed to feel pleasure whether it is emotional or physical pleasure. When people think of pleasure, people think of sexual intercourse and climax. This is because these two acts are the most pleasurable sensations a human can experience.

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However, society has placed pleasure in a negative light. Especially, if the experience is concerning genders or people other than men. For quite some time, society was built around the patriarchal belief that male orgasms are the utmost priority. This belief is backed up by the fact that they view women as reproduction vessels only. They choose to think that female pleasure is not important, and that it should not be seeked out at all. Fortunately, with times changing, women are slowly starting to reclaim their rights to pleasure. People of all genders, and sexual orientation are now delving into the field of sex and pleasure. The focus is no longer on cis-gendered heterosexual men.

If you are among the people who are not cis-gendered men, read on. Here are a few reasons as to why you need to seek pleasure for yourself, other than it being an enjoyable activity. 

It gives you a mood boost

One of the main things about pleasure is that it is a positive activity. Pleasure allows you to feel good after you have achieved it. A mood boost is the body’s way of rewarding itself. When you achieve climax, your body releases endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are a hormone that is often associated with happiness. That is why it is called the ‘happy’ hormone. When your brain receives the hormone, it makes you feel elated. So, if you want to feel this experience, you should carry out pleasurable activities such as maturbation and sexual intercourse. 

It is a natural painkiller 

Following the previous point, pleasure is also a natural painkiller. Endorphins that are released during climax also initiate the release of other hormones. Essentially, endorphins are related to natural painkillers. So, if you have a raging headache, or feel depressed, these hormones can help you. Of course, it is not a long-term option of dealing with the issue, but it is a work in progress. There are scientists and researchers that are investigating the correlation between pleasure and dealing with pain. 

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It allows you to love your body

Other than pleasure being a mood booster and a natural painkiller, it also allows you to love your body. Some people have a hard time accepting their bodies and loving them. These people usually originate from the LGBTQ+ community. Society tend to advertise typical body types, skin colours and sexual orientations in media that are quite traditional. Pleasure allows you to love your body despite what society dictates. You explore the inner workings of your body, and this gives you power like no other. Being able to love yourself in this cruel world can be a vice that everyone is desperate for. It propels you forward, and frees you from the shackles of societal dynamics and expectations. 

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