Proganic hepatitis medicine Malaysia

How To Prevent Hepatitis

While hepatitis has numerous treatments such as the Proganic hepatitis medicine Malaysia, there are steps you can take to prevent it as best as you can. Treatment is not always a viable option because it can become expensive and time consuming, depending on the type of hepatitis and how extreme the case is. Vaccinations are a good start to preventing serious cases of hepatitis, or at least giving way to its treatment. As mentioned, there are different kinds of Hepatitis, therefore different prevention plans are in place to prevent each one. However there are some rules that apply across many of them. One is to prevent the exchange of bodily fluids through needle sharing, razors, using the same toothbrush as someone else and not touching blood that does not belong to you. Be careful of the seafood you consume (especially in an establishment that is not well looked after, go for well done, instead of rare), as well as the raw vegetables and fruit.