best serving plates set in Malaysia

Serving Plates And Their Uses

Now, having guests over for festivals is a common culture that is practised all over the world, some more than most. Personally, as a Malaysian, festivals are something that we simply cannot avoid, try as we might. From Deepavali to Hari Raya to Chinese New Year. In fact, Chinese New Year had just ended, so I’m sure all of your serving plates were put to good use. We each have our own way that we use to plate our food. The plating of food differs depending on the type of food. Here are the types of serving plates that can be found.

Dinner Plates

Dinner plates are plates that are used for main courses. They are wide enough to hold your whole plate of food. They usually measure up from 28cm to 30cm in diameter. These dinner plates are able to hold all your food from your rice to your curry and vegetables with the addition of your protein for the day. 

best serving plates set in Malaysia

Dessert Plates

Now, as Asians, we don’t really have the habit of having desserts after our meal. Our desserts are usually served during festivals and are eaten as snacks or during tea time. Nevertheless, we could still indulge our desires to get ourselves a pair or two dessert plates. Dessert plates are usually 18cm in diameter and are just wide enough to carry your desserts. If you want more, you’ll have to go for seconds.

Soup Plates / Bowls

Soup plates or bowls are shaped differently than dinner plates and dessert plates that are flat. Since these plates and bowls are used to hold liquid food, it curves slightly like an arc at the top of the plate. This is to prevent spillage as well as to hold more of the liquid food. 

Bread and Butter Plate

This plate is called the bread and butter plate is also known as the quarter plate or side plate. Just like its name, this plate’s main purpose is to hold bread and butter. Of course, it can hold other spreads like a jam if you wish. This plate comes up to 15cm in diameter and is just perfect to hold your bread. 

Salad Bowls

Note, I said bowls, not plates. Salad bowls are large enough to hold your greens. These bowls come in 2 sizes. The larger bowl is around 22 cm, while the smaller bowl is around 20cm. These bowls are specifically for salads and are one that you will definitely not get confused with. 

Appetiser Plates

Finally, we have appetiser plates. These plates are similar to bread and butter plates. The only differences are that it is slightly bigger in size, coming up to 17 cm in diameter. Another notable difference is that appetiser plates have no indentation, while bread and butter plates are slightly indented. 

So, if you’re interested in celebrating your festivals in style, get your hands on the best serving plates set in Malaysia from Tupperware. 

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