How important are ships to us?

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When we think about ships we always only think about a few things. A form of transportation that is used to carry items from A to B or carry passengers from A to destination. But did you know there are things about ships that are more intriguing than you realise? As humans, we cannot deny we always look short on things because maybe we don’t know or never put notice into things like this. So today we are going to talk about Ships.

– Oldest form of transportation

Ships are the oldest form of transportation. Roughly 60,000 years to 40,000 years ago, ships were already made to sail the seas whether to explore or to colonise, ships are the oldest transportation that was ever recorded and if you are a Christian, the Ark of Noah is also a ship. So next time when you see a ship, give it some respect because they are of the oldest mode of transportation that helped in civilization, travel, survival and so much more.

– Long life expectancy

Ships have a very long life expectancy. Much more than most transportation out there. A ship has typically 20 to 30 years of service and it is made with materials like plywood and fibreglass can ever live around 30 to 40 years and if it is made of solid wood then it can even last longer but it needs to be maintained well. This is yet something that is amazing about ships because most common transport, cars can’t even last that long until everything is  broken and its mechanisms don’t work anymore. If the ship is a steel hull yacht it can last 100 years or more! It is also if it is a freshwater ship then the ship is able to last longer than sea water. So if you have wished to sell or lay-up ships you can search up lay up vessel service Malaysia because ships can outlive their service for sure.

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– Largest among all

Ships believe or not are the largest mode of transportation in the world. Comparing the largest container ship, planes are not any bigger. The largest ship’s length is 366 metres or longer. But an A380, the largest passenger plane, is only 72.73 Metres. Compared to the once largest plane in the world that unfortunately was destroyed in the invasion of Ukraine, Antonov An-225, is also short with only 84 m in length. Ships are the largest and also with the most capacity.

There you have it, some facts about the great ships that sails in the world from the smallest to the biggest, they are all useful and are powerful. They are the only transportation that has existed from past until present with only improvements and not changed or extinct. Great ships have always been with us from the beginning so next time when you see ships, do stop and marvel at their greatness and majesty. Remember how they have helped us find new lands and also until today transported your food, products, cars, and more that you use all involved ships.

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